Municipal Executive Allegedly Involved in Sex Scandal with Minors

Casablanca- Another sex scandal has recently surfaced in the Moroccan press, this time apparently involving the president of a rural municipality located in the province of Khemissat.According to the daily Assabah, the police in Khemissat (20 km from Rabat) have started investigations on a sex scandal allegedly involving the president of the municipality of Ait Yadine, who, based on many allegations already directed at him, is believed to be involved in sexual affairs with minor girls.The suspect allegedly took his victims in an executive vehicle to his home, where his sexual affairs mainly took place. According to the same source, a municipal councilor shot a video of the president while he was bringing up his sexual affairs with minors under the influence of alcohol. Ironically, the said councilor is believed tobe implicated in the organization of the suspect’s sexual encounters with the assistance of his lover, a librarian, who left her job and decided to help him deliver minor victims to the home of the president.However, the president of the municipality was the first to rush to the police to lodge a complaint against the author of the video for allegedly blackmailing him.Police subsequently launched an investigation that mainly centered upon the crime of which the president was accused rather than the complaint he had lodged against the councilor, his accomplice in his sexual affairs with minors.Edited by Jessica Rohan© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed.

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