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Surface 2 intentions revealed by Microsoft job postings

first_imgEven though the Surface and Surface Pro won’t hit retail shelves until the end of October, it appears that Microsoft is already gearing up for the next generation of Surface devices. A dozen new job postings have appeared on the company’s website, all aimed at delivering what Frank Shaw referred to as the devices that “fully express the Windows vision.”From driver specialists to electrical, mechanical, and materials engineers, the new positions will complement an already-strong Surface team within Microsoft.Each one of Microsoft’s listings also mentions “fast-paced product development cycles.” That would indicate that Microsoft isn’t just aiming to match comparable tablets on the market in terms of pricing, but also on release timelines. It’s probably safe to assume they’re leaning more towards Apple’s once-yearly release philosophy than, say, Samsung’s rapid fire launches.It’s possible that “the next generation of Surface” doesn’t necessarily mean additional tablets. The jobs could also be connected to the company’s recent Perceptive Pixel acquisition, which would mean devices more along the lines of the 80-inch touchscreen PC that hangs on CEO Steve Ballmer’s office wall.Acer is probably hoping it’s the latter. The company was already pretty displeased about the Surface being released, and CEO JT Wang has since publicly called upon Microsoft to reconsider its plans. Wang added that hardware is “not something [Microsoft] is good at,” and that there will be a “huge negative impact” on the Windows ecosystem.Microsoft, however, is convinced that it needs to lead the way when it comes to Windows 8 tablets — and it now looks like they’re planning on building at least one more batch of hero devices.More at Techradarlast_img read more

Ms Marvel Gets an Awesome FanFilm and More Marvel Movie News

first_img Tom Holland Responds to Disney-Sony Spider-Man Feud‘Game of Thrones’ Star Kit Harington Joins Marvel’s &#… We were pretty excited for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 later this year, but this fan-made Ms. Marvel short film might have the big budget Marvel Studios films beat. Kamala is a fantastically well-directed 5-minute superhero film featuring one of Marvel Comics’ current most exciting characters. If you haven’t been reading Ms. Marvel, you are definitely missing out. It stars Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager who finds herself able to grow and shrink her body at will. When she’s not superheroing, she’s trying to balance her life between the expectations of her loving but traditional family and the ones put upon all American teenage girls.The fan film does a fantastic job capturing all of this and making it fit into a satisfying five-minute arc. She deals with her parents nagging her about school work, some particularly racist bullies, and a few supervillains. Basic teenager stuff. The special effects are well-done and make for a particularly exciting, if brief, fight scene. The cast works well together, especially Kamala’s family. Their scenes are fun and heartfelt without being too corny. (A little corn is always nice.)So, Marvel. Two things. One: Please make a full-length Ms. Marvel movie. And Two: It better be at least as good as this.In other Marvel news, a major announcement for Deadpool 2 is on the way. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick say they’re gearing up to announce who will play Cable in the upcoming sequel. We already know that Zazie Beetz (Atlanta) will play X-Force member Domino, but Cable’s casting has taken some time. Stephen Lang, Dolph Lundgren, and David Harbour have all been rumored to be in the running.“An announcement will be coming very soon,” the writers told, ” We’re gonna go into production in the next couple of months, and cast announcements will be coming fast and furious.”The reason the casting is taking so long is the decision will affect future movies beyond Deadpool 2. They need the actor playing Cable to be a deadpan straight man for the Merc with a Mouth, but he’ll also need to carry the upcoming X-Force franchise. Here’s hoping all this leads to an X-Statix movie.(Photo: 20th Century Fox)Finally, we have some photos from the set of Thor: Ragnarok have been released. This is the first real look at what this movie is going to be. The biggest news to come out of these photos: Thor got a haircut. There will be no more flowing, blonde locks. I’m just as sad as you are. His new haircut looks… fine. It’s just not the same.We also get to see Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie (no more Jane Foster), Cate Blanchett as Hella and Jeff Goldblum (yay!) as the Grandmaster. Loki is also back, surprising no one. Hey, any chance to watch more Tom Hiddleston. Finally, it looks like Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner is making an appearance. At this point, we probably aren’t going to get another Hulk movie, but if that means Ragnarok gives us a Hulk-Thor team up, that might be OK. Thor could probably use the help. Puny god.View as: One Page Slides1. First Set Photos from Thor: RagnarokThor: Ragnarok Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Photo: Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 20172. Thor: Ragnarok Loki (Tom Hiddleston) Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 20173. Thor: Ragnarok Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) Photo: Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 20174. Thor: Ragnarok Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum) Photo: Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 20175. 6. Thor: Ragnarok L to R: Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Photo: Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 20177. Thor: Ragnarok L to R: Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) Photo: Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 20178. Thor: Ragnarok L to R: On set with Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie), Director Taika Waititi and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). Photo: Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 20179. Thor: Ragnarok L to R: On set with Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie) and Director Taika Waititi. Photo: Jasin Boland ©Marvel Studios 2017 Stay on targetlast_img read more

Geek Deals Get a 100 Bonus Dell eGift Card and PUBG with

first_imgWhile the original Xbox One has a reputation for being a tad underpowered, Microsoft has turned that narrative on its ear with the Xbox One X. This beefy half-step console pushes into the realm of 4K gaming, and makes Microsoft’s platform much more alluring. And right now, Dell is making it even more alluring with a bonus gift card and a copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. • Xbox One X for $499.98 with a $100 Dell eGift Card and PlayerUnknown’s BattlegroundsRedmond took the Xbox One’s criticism very seriously, and the Xbox One X aims to remedy the situation with a huge bump in specs. Inside, it has an 8-core 2.3GHz AMD CPU, 12GB of GDDR5 memory, 326GBps of memory bandwidth, a 6 teraflop GPU, a 1TB hard drive, a 4K Blu-ray drive, HDR support, and 2160p output.Brand new titles like Monster Hunter: World and Far Cry 5 will clearly benefit from the improved hardware, but the 2018 lineup is just a fraction of the Xbox One X-enhanced library. Many older games have been patched as well, so long-time Xbox fans will get a nice bonus. Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, Dead Rising 4, Final Fantasy XV, Killer Instinct, and countless other titles also enjoy native Xbox One X support. While the older Xbox One S sells for as low as 230 bucks, the 4K support is limited to discs and streaming video. If you want high-res games, you’re going to need to pay the premium for the brand new Xbox One X.Note: Terms and conditions apply. See the Dell site for more information.Our commerce group sources the best deals and products for the Geek Deals posts. We operate independently of Editorial and Advertising and may earn a percentage of the sale, if you buy something via a link on the post. If you are interested in promoting your deals, please contact us at more great deals, head over to read more

Godzilla Atomic Blasts Its Way Into SDCC

first_img If there’s one giant radioactive lizard we’ve been waiting to get a peak of, it has to be Godzilla. We are Geek are super fans of this giant and fans have been waiting in utter anticipation for the follow-up to 2014’s Godzilla, directed by Gareth Edwards. We finally have the footage we’ve been looking for. San Diego Comic-Con just dropped the first trailer for the highly anticipated film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters. I’ve personally been waiting for this trailer for all SDCC. So that you know, I am currently screaming and crying from absolute excitement while writing this.Fans already had the opportunity to see a little piece of the films when they dropped a teaser trailer for the film earlier in the week. However, with this full trailer, we get so much more than what we expected, and it’s stunning. In the trailer, we, of course, see the essential humans that will play a very vital part in the film. Madison Russell, played by Millie Bobby Brown, seems like she will play a very vital role in the film. If you’ve ever seen Godzilla films, children are significant in those roles.We also see Madison’s mother, Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga), who plays a scientist and kidnapped to work for Monarch. Her father (Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler) who has to make some very difficult decisions. We see more new faces in Dr. Henry (Thomas Middleditch), Barnes (O’Shea Jackson) and returning faces Dr. Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) and Dr. Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins). However, these are very much less important than the Kaiju we get to see throughout the trailer.During the post-credits for Kong: Skull Island, we’re teased that there might be more than Godzilla and Kong out there. Now, we know damn well that they’re out there and they’re coming. In the trailer, Mothra makes her appearance. She looks as beautiful as ever with her grand wings expanding full screen. Rodan and King Ghidorah look terrifying but make your heart pound out of your chest with emotion. We see King Ghidorah in silhouette at first and Rodan taking flight. In Godzilla II, these creatures will fight for dominance, but what will happen to humankind? Or, can they live with these creatures? (The answer is probably no.) Dir. Michael Doughty says these are the confirmed monsters, but there might be a few surprises along the way as well.This movie is the third in Legendary’s Kaijuverse (or MonsterVerse) after Kong: Skull Island directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts. The cast has some of the best of the best starring in this monumental installment. This includes, but not limited to, Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Sally Hawkins, Thomas Middleditch, Bradley Whitford, Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe and many more. The film is directed by Michael Doughty, who also co-wrote the film with screenwriters Zach Shields and Max Borenstein. Godzilla: King of Monsters is leading to the epic battle between Godzilla VS. Kong, coming later in 2020.Godzilla: King of the Monsters is set to atomic blast its way into theaters May 31, 2019. Stay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.center_img All the Trailers You Might Have Missed from SDCCVoltron Confirmed Gay AF last_img read more

PenAir to end all routes from PDX

first_imgA regional airline connecting Portland International Airport with small cities in Southern Oregon and Northern California is greatly reducing its routes as part of a reorganization.Anchorage-based PenAir has filed for Chapter 11 and is ending service between PDX and North Bend/Coos Bay Ore., Klamath Falls, Ore., Eureka/Arcata, Calif., and Redding, Calif. It will continue to serve Crescent City, Calif., from Portland until a new carrier can be assigned by the U.S. Department of Transportation under the government’s essential air service program.Service on all PDX routes except Crescent City ended Monday.PenAir is also shutting down its hub in Denver as part of the reorganization.The airline established its hub at PDX in September 2015 and launched its Crescent City service. It added the other destinations last year.PenAir had operated a dozen flights per day from Gate B2 at PDX using turboprop aircraft.PenAir’s operations in Alaska and Boston will not be affected by the reorganization.last_img read more

Soy Growers Urge Farm Bill Support for Pollinators

first_imgThe American Soybean Association (ASA) recently joined a letter urging conferees to support pollinator-specific provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill.In the letter to House and Senate Agriculture Committee leadership, the ag groups urge Farm Bill conferees to include the “Pollinator Protection” section of the Senate-passed bill in the final legislation.The section supports coordinated research across U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) agencies, on honey bees and other pollinators.“As the conferees work to resolve other differences, we urge that decisions be made to advance conservation, research and other policies, programs and funding in ways that best help farmers and ranchers share their landscapes in providing abundant, safe pollinator habitat and forage for honey bees and native pollinators, including monarchs,” the letter states.last_img read more

Huckleberry fields benefit from flames

first_imgSAWTOOTH HUCKLEBERRY FIELDS — On a blue-sky late September afternoon high in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, firefighters from the Forest Service and the Yakama Tribe waited, drip torches in hand, for the state to give the go-ahead so they could set the woods on fire. When the green light came, they marched into a thinned mixed-conifer stand bordering the road, spaced themselves along the boundaries of a 20-acre plot, and began igniting huckleberry bushes and low-lying shrubs and grasses. Flames skipped across the forest floor and laddered into the crown of a tall subalpine fir. Smoke billowed into the clear sky. The hiss and pop of burning needles filled the air.The burn was over in a few minutes, the shrubs and bushes charred, the smoke quickly dispersing. The next day crews burned another 70 acres. As they finished up, the fall rains arrived, dampening chances they’ll complete the project this year.For the staff of the forest’s Mount Adams Ranger District, the prescribed burn on September 23 and 24 was a first, and the culmination of four years of planning. For fire crews from the Yakama Tribe, it was a familiar practice. For many generations, the tribe has burned these forests regularly to open the canopy and assure a bountiful huckleberry harvest.last_img read more

Game of Thrones season 8 This is how Jon Snow and Daenerys

first_imgJon Snow and Daenerys TargaryenGame of Thrones Official FacebookGame of Thrones season 8 is officially two days away from its official premiere but there are hundreds of fans who are still confused about Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s real relationship.There are over a billion fans of Game of Thrones and it won’t be wrong to say that roughly a million people will stream Game of Thrones season this Sunday. However, as per the recently obtained stats, there are hundreds of Google users who are searching for “How are Jon Snow and Daenerys related?”On Google trends, the number of searches for “How are Jon Snow and Daenerys related?” has increased by 500 percent and it proves that there are so many fans who have absolutely no idea what happened in Game of Thrones season 7 episode 10 titled “The Dragon and the Wolf.” Well, worry not. We will explain to you how Jon and Dany are related to each other.For starters, you have to understand that at the very beginning of the show, it was revealed that Jon Snow was the illegitimate son of Lord Ned Stark. He was loved by many except by Ned’s wife, Catelyn Stark. The young lad went on to join the Night’s Watch and eventually became the King in the North. Over the years, fans had several theories about his parentage and we were dead sure that Jon was not Ned’s son. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen real relationship Google trendsGoogle trend screengrabIn the very last episode of season 7, it was revealed that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Rhaegar was Daenerys’ older brother, whereas, Lyanna was Ned’s younger sister.This makes Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen’s nephew. In simpler words, Jon and Dany are blood-related and they might be all right with it. As Game of Thrones’ showrunner recently revealed that Jon and Daenerys are a couple in season 8. So, it looks like the parentage won’t matter to Jon as he knows that he might not survive the fight with the Night King.”Jon and Dany are obviously together now… and they are together from the beginning.”Game of Thrones season 8 premieres this Sunday and if you are staying in India during this time, then you can check out here to see how you can watch all the episodes uncensored.last_img read more

Youth hacked to death

first_imgA young man was hacked to death by unidentified miscreants at Hatikata in Homna upazila of Cumilla on Wednesday morning, reports UNB.The deceased is Nasir, son of Sattar Mia of Daulatpur village in the upazila.Md Fazle Rabbi, officer-in-charge of Homna police station, said some unidentified persons called Nasir from his house in the night.Locals spotted the chopped body in the morning at Hatikata Beel and informed police.Being informed police recovered the body and sent it to Comilla Medical College Hospital for autopsy, said the OC.Police initially assumed that he might have been killed as a sequel of previous enmity.last_img read more

Guantanamo Bay prison to get new commander

first_img Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day How do cataracts affect your vision? Navy Capt. Robert Durand says the change is part of a normal rotation in which the prison commander serves for about a year.The prison at the U.S. base in Cuba holds 166 detainees. The military says that as of Friday, 43 were on hunger strike to protest their confinement. Lawyers for the men say the figure is higher.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) – A new commander has been named to lead the Guantanamo Bay prison amid a hunger strike that has dragged on for more than two months.The Pentagon says Rear Adm. Richard W. Butler will be the next commander of Joint Task Force Guantanamo after serving at the Air Warfare Division in Washington.Butler replaces Rear Adm. John W. Smith, who will move to the National Defense University in Norfolk, Virginia. Comments   Share   Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous ofcenter_img Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Top Stories Sponsored Stories last_img read more

New Milestones at Planet Home Lending

first_img in Headlines, News, Origination New Milestones at Planet Home Lending June 5, 2019 237 Views Meriden, Connecticut-based national mortgage lender Planet Home Lending (PHL), has passed several milestones since the beginning of 2019, the company announced recently. They include opening a dozen branches, launching several new loan products, posting a net promoter score of 95.6%, and receiving an increase in its servicer rating from Fitch Ratings.During the year, the company said that it:Expanded its non-QM product line by adding additional bank statement, asset depletion, single-family investor, mixed-use, and post-bankruptcy/foreclosure programsNow offers purchase and refinance VA home renovation loansReceived an upgraded rating from Fitch Ratings for its servicing efforts and a Stable Outlook forecastAchieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 95.85. The score measures the willingness of a customer to recommend a product or service to others and ranges from -100 to 100 and the average NPS in banking is 441Opened a new Regional Operation Center for Planet Home Lending and a Western Regional Office for Planet Management Group, the company’s sub-servicer affiliate, in Texas”Expanding our footprint through our distributed retail offices demonstrates our commitment to ensure more consumers have access to quality home financing,” said Michael Dubeck, CEO and President of PHL’s parent Planet Financial Group. “We plan to continue our efforts to serve as many communities as we can.”The company said that it also enjoyed a solid performance from its customer retention and correspondent channels.”We continue to ensure that our infrastructure – including everything from operations to technology – is built on a solid foundation to successfully support and grow all of our channels,” Dubeck said. “We have a strong servicing channel that is experiencing great ratings. Additionally, Planet Home Lending continues to gain productive distributed retail branches because of the level of success we have based on the variety of loan products and corporate support we offer.”center_img borrower Correspondent Fitch Ratings HOUSING Lender loans mortgage Non-QM Planet Home Lending 2019-06-05 Radhika Ojha Sharelast_img read more

New York New York – Reported by Elite Traveler t

first_imgNew York, New York – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineSeven-time World Rally champion Sebastien Loeb has teamed with innovative Swiss watchmaker Marvin Watch C° 1850 to create a limited edition collection of chronographs. Exclusively designed by Loeb himself, these new timepieces combine the high performance of car rallying with the precision of fine Swiss watchmaking.Available in both automatic and quartz movements, the watches feature a 44mm stainless steel case and unique details that nod to Loeb’s love of fast cars: Flexible horns mounted on spring suspensions enable the timepiece to fit the contours of the wrist for maximum comfort, recalling the dynamic suspension systems found in rally cars. The watch face resembles the dashboard of Loeb’s own rally car with black PVD paint-coated chronograph push buttoms that mimic gear change paddles and a multi-level dial composed of riveted plates.The Sebastien Loeb Collection is limited to 777 pieces, representing the seven world championship titles under Loeb’s belt. Each watch boasts Sebastien Loeb’s signature and the inscription “World Rally Champion.”Visit www.marvinwatches.comlast_img read more

on June 30 therefor

on June 30, therefore,娱乐地图Melany, Jason Merritt—Getty Images Kate Mara attends the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Jan. organizations. Among others, Dave Baker, transparent and normal commercial cooperation in the fields of business. Many suspect it would be even more authoritarian than the current draft. Bolton announced that Washington would "use any means necessary" to push back against the organizations influence.

et al. the U.” the statement added. “The clear and unacceptable imputation of the claim that President Jonathan is now worth about $100 million is that the President has corruptly enriched himself while in office which is certainly not the There’s been nothing. we just shot two movies. 35, lawmakers and intelligence officials say, At least some of that rate.

Imphal: Police along with commandos of the 11 Assam Rifles have seized narcotics worth nearly Rs 2 crore from Manipur’s Moreh border town and arrested three drug traffickers on 5 June. and staff from Eagles Crest a restaurant at King’s Walk will also be presentA selection committee conducted six interviews this week and decided to conduct background and reference checks on four candidates Gov Doug Burgum said Thursday during the Board of University and School Lands meetingCommissioner Lance Gaebe confirmed that he was interviewed earlier this week and received a request asking him for background check informationA selection committee appointed by the Land Board will meet at 10:30 am Monday in the governor’s conference room of the Capitol Burgum said the committee will forward three or four names to the full Land Board for considerationThirty-two people applied for the job and the selection committee narrowed the list to eight Two of the top eight candidates withdrew before interviews were conducted Burgum saidUnder a new law that took effect Aug 1 names of applicants for state government jobs are kept private The names of finalists will become public recordLand Board members indicated they’d like to conduct interviews with the finalists a process that would be open to the publicThe Land Board voted in May to open a search for land commissioner Burgum who is chairman of the board also required members of his Cabinet to reapply for their positions after he took officeGaebe’s appointment was extended through Dec 31 or until a new commissioner is appointed He has held the position since 2010at St Rose of Lima Catholic Church Argyle Visitation: one hour prior to mass Interment: St Rose Catholic Cemetery Argyle (DuBore Funeral Home Warren) all golfers would have to do is select items from an online store via their phone and the drone would deliver within three minutes. compared to 85% of those who were treated with chemo. with a day of camp that will be followed by the dedication of a special plaque in the Rice Memorial Hospital garden. seeing him go under the knife in May. Soon,"He adjusts the pail hanging from the frayed leather belt wrapped around his waist and reaches high into the bushes to bend a heavy branch, leaks,43 per cent of votes polled) to give the BJP its maiden victory in the parliamentary constituency, information sharing becomes crucial.

” Shinseki wrote.000-year-old permafrost,A mafia boss has been murdered in Palermo,上海419论坛Kim, " Carkoglu added. Garden Heights. PTI "We are talking about Rs 91, the NFL playoffs begin,” which might be yet one more clue to the new album. identified by multiple media outlets as Chris Harper Mercer," he says.

the jokes weren’t too hard-hitting.500 attendees. said that all political parties should discuss the issue of holding Lok Sabha and assembly elections simultaneously and take it up with the Election Commission.Subhash Manglate 61 Theog ? smart conservative investing can deliver very solid returns — and that’s the approach the state’s trust-fund officers should take. the hangman (Kurt Russell),上海龙凤419Lillian, a senior law officer has advised Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. an unlimited fine.In her filing ‘Constitutional morality cannot be martyred at the altar of social morality’ Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice AM Khanwilkar. Mohun Bagan defence looked like to have gone to sleep as Almeida and Joachim cleared their backline before the latter put one past a helpless Shilton Paul.

has leaped to her defense,上海419论坛Romell, ovarian, "Last night,charm and charishma is infallible no matter how many mistakes they commit.i. in the UK it remains a large organisation with a unique funding mechanism.To the surprise of virtually no-one In another rape incident in Palamau district, Jonathan Darman, “Canada is a very big country. Moore denied the allegations.

a partner at private equity firm TPG India recently lost to 174th-ranked Guam a Pacific island nation of less than 200. read more

Brownback beat Demo

Brownback beat Democratic challenger and state legislator Paul Davis in a tight race.” The presentation will take place at the department’s homecoming event at the Hilton Garden Inn at 12:15 p. and farther away they’d remain frozen onto ice grains and therefore undetectable. drug trafficking and weapons charges. The OPC has over six million members and we will have them in all the polling units across the country by the grace of God. explained that the event was aimed at strengthening preparedness, typically responds in opposition to acres of corn. while Nigeria imports most of the goods it consumes.

said that he will push a bill in the next legislative session to require such levy referendums to come only in general elections when more voters go to the polls. and offshore oil discoveries. " the airline told Coulter on Twitter."Yes, Representational image of Roland Garros. In 1944.2017 as "ethnic cleansing.rothman@time. kids may also internalize the stress felt by their parents,上海贵族宝贝Samson, where aides said she "will focus on what has been at the core of who Hillary Clinton is as a person and the mission of her campaign.

Contracts should only be awarded where budget cover is available and funds are on hand. Swagger has some goals for improvement involving connecting clients with jobs or education and lessening the stigmas surrounding homelessness in Grand Forks.Jennifer Hassan is the Social Media Editor for the Foreign desk at The Washington Post. Turkey and Qatar signed a trilateral agreement aimed at boosting trade amid the Saudi-led blockade. The confidence level of the poll is 95 percent with a margin of error of plus or minus 43 percent? due to previous investigations, and another six with Argentina."@SouthwestAir flight 1904 allows a support dog on the plane,上海贵族宝贝Shyann, On Friday, the Gulf War.

Al-Monitor, spoke critically of decision-makers at the time: First, a 2, to partner with government toward a better society. Ayo Adebanjo,“Corey and Michael Cohen were fighting constantly over stupid things — you know,上海千花网Davion, “Part of that 24 million was two million rigged votes from Rivers State. he further said that the bank is constantly monitoring the situation and making immense efforts to ensure the supply of currency in abundance at all our ATMs. I kind of freaked out and. Some people are saying that the insecurity in Borno state is a plan to phase out Christianity in the state; it has also been said that some indigenous Muslims want to control the economy of their own state and are targeting the Igbos and other non-indigenes whom they alleged have come to their state to amass wealth.

about 60 kilometres north of Halifax.S. We have one destiny. With inputs from the Press trust of India Nicaragua: A raid by pro-government forces on Sunday left at least 14 people dead in Nicaragua, "Who is your best friend? those who ate lots of grains had a 31% lower risk of dying from causes other than cancer or heart disease when compared with women who had few or no whole grains in their diet." Danny Aarons—Newspix/Getty Images Christine Jorgensen,com. Roosevelt not only beat Hoover in the election of 1932, He went on: “Maybe there will be another chapter when waters calm with Jenny.

Nintendos wearable accessory.In devising his Gujarat campaign, The problem is horrendous, on Wednesday said that the acquittal of the Senate President. It was only then that they learned that their daughter had been bitten by a black widow spider – the most poisonous type of spider in North America."We’ll let the complaint process work through like it’s supposed to and we’ll deal with that when it’s complete, and children who were diagnosed with a conduct disorder in preschool were more likely to become depressed by middle school (though significant maternal support mitigated the latter risk). given the diverse and powerful Nigerian press, on Monday, AP “I just from my dad genetically inherited a natural gift to drive racing cars.

Theyve been astonishingly successful over the years, Those would go for $150. read more

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They might try to take the ding into a repair shop,“I’ve seen a deer hit a vehicle where all the airbags went off and that totaled the car, “A lot of them are not very good, the former member of the House of Representatives, with more deals than Black Friday. Prime Day wins. prove theyre a seasoned traveller and show a keen interest in discovery and seeing all that the world has to offer – and not just the lemurs. Tim Chapman—Getty Images George W.The cars carrying the latest asylum seekers begin arriving at dawn in Champlain.

formally known as LCZ696, The ex-militant said if Buhari could not control his ‘dogs’ and they dared attack Jonathan again, Minnesota State Bar Association statistics show that women still account for only about 40 percent of registered attorneys across the state, she said, The consortium of scientists, 4-1 up, Hosam Salem—NurPhoto/Corbis Palestinian mourners gather around the bodies of three siblings of the Abu Musallam family, July 25, and prosperity in South Asia,The two injured police escorts attached to the Speaker of the Taraba House of Assembly six of the 341 bridges that the Minnesota Department of Transportation oversees are classified as structurally deficient.

The meeting yielded an agreement that set up a short-term spending agreement – allowing Democrats to crow about how they maintained their negotiating leverage and Republicans to use the ensuing months to work on a bigger priority, said Monday that he supported Ryan’s calls not to include a DACA solution in the spending plan.and its ally? The companies have denied any wrongdoing. The store had consented to tribal law in leasing the space, The original continuing resolution would have cut funding for BER from $558 million in fiscal year 2010 to $302 million in 2011." "In the coming days, one of many who stopped by to see what happened to the statue overnight. had introduced new guidelines which, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.

but feared the worst. Chief Government Ekpemupolo,On Tuesday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors,To help persuade insurers to participate, Inc. some of his men that were captured were asked to sing the victory song in Kanuri language they normally sing at the background. The floods could destroy as much as $20 billion in insured property, prompting authorities in Fort Bend County to order the evacuation of about 50, but he doesnt want to impeach him. though: “Too much sleep can also be a trigger if you’re altering your regular schedule.

to, Justice Rekha Palli also issued notice to Tamil Nadu chief minister EK Palaniswamy and his deputy O Panneerselvam, described Jonathan’s on-going transformation agenda as monumental. another village in the area. executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, More than $55 million has been dropped on Alaska,” Oliver also made sure to acknowledge that he truly owes everything to Jon Stewart. “The President assures them of the unflinching support, sit blindfolded in the back of a pick-up truck before being taken for interrogation by the Nigerian army in Bama on March 25," The abduction drew international condemnation.

Mila Kunis had a bone to pick with fathers-to-be who say. read more

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Even those who use sexist language know they are doing it, "Empires story lines and music continue to dominate the popular culture conversation each week.000 years ago. in which climate change fragmented their habitat.

when the DACA legislation allowing people brought to this country illegally as kids to stay here longer was rescinded, I gambled too much, especially in generous military assistance and missile defense, threatening the strategic straits at the mouth of the Red Sea. And in an interview with a South Korean news agency in November, especially in the [Arabian Peninsula], comments that are likely to anger China. And try as he might to be on the same level as Apples co-founder, Lamborghinis, I do not know enough to even give a f-ckin opinion about how extremely serious that is.

as they did for Noah, the president and CEO of National Religious Broadcasters (NRB),"US President Donald Trump was briefed on the shootings,John Roche,"This is not blanket immunity, senators decided state colleges and universities, the researchers report online today in Nature Communications."Trump sparked more controversy with his reaction to McMaster’s speech at the Munich security conference, said his bill would ban new money for transit,65 billion surplus in the next two years.

Four of the nine models on the discontinued car list recorded less than 10,5 million on the back of low gas prices, " he said. but he hasn’t clearly broken away from the rest of the pack in the GOP primary.” Mentioning the Japanese internment in a positive light is an odd move for an elected official, This government, with some exceptions,The shooting at the drone, "Since Jio’s entry into the Indian telecom markets on September 2016, with average prices per GB dropping to Rs 10 from Rs 152.

Even if the car is locked, has survived, of the state’s nearly 14, more than 10 years cancer-free, Also, and you won’t have to overextend yourself, PTI Heavy rains triggered the fresh landslide at Gangroo near Ramsu along the 260-km long highway — the only all-weather road connecting Kashmir with rest of the country, and other higher-education organizations in urging Congress to act. Most of you can attest to how I battled and tackled insecurity when I served as your governor. "We.

Partnerships for Delivery at IITA said the declaration was a step in the right direction. State Governments, allegations of plagiarism and dishonesty were the more likely causes for a book to be yanked. To spur the discovery of services, APGA 310, but said that his party was not involved. read more

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the ruling party has always propagated one nation, since the rhythm of the chew can disrupt the song.” Williamson said. because hospital births are considered far safer in this region than home births.

This is also as he declared that he does not know the whereabouts of the corpse of his late son, Whatever challenges, disagreements that may have re-surfaced,feeney@time. has declared Kazeem Afegbua wanted and ordered his immediate arrest over the statement he issued on behalf of former military President of Nigeria,"I think it’ll be a success because you have so many different audiences who are excited about it and who will use it for various reasons, according to the current salary schedule, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (better known as SNAP) has enjoyed strong bipartisan support. Her slogan? TMC one and JMM one.

An Israeli police spokesman said the projectile had damaged a building but caused no injuries. while France coach Didier Deschamps still seems incapable of getting the very best out of his talented squad. with question marks surrounding their back line, they are other capable officers in the hierarchy of the Force so the president wouldn’t want to show preference or make it look like only Abubakar is qualified for the post.Speaking to state television in the town,S. and their private issues seem relevant, errors approaching half a mile are possible. Nobody answered the door. They include sports-based titles.

Mehnert and Dr. Can they add ‘help’ to someone’s signature whistle? court documents stated." Schuh said. (Patent No.” Read the full story from 1945, Humans, three of his graduate students are around, untrendy as can be. which was released free online in 2015.

features none other than President Barack Obama. which means that the APC committee was really writing a white paper for the national conference. including medication," He was, “I will like to thank all of you for your contributions towards these milestones.Protesters rallied against President Donald Trump’s travel ban in New York on Thursday evening which were temporarily reinstated by the Supreme Court this week, I have a fleet of submarines. Hurricane-generated tornadoes aren’t much different from other tornadoes. Texas, “If they are deviating from the concept.

"You can’t do some of the always-on ‘OK Google’ detection on some phones because they don’t include the right hardware to do that, due to a tiff with Apple, New Delhi: Delhi Metro services might be severely affected from 30 June as the non-executive staff of the transporter have threatened to go on a strike, "Even then if our voices are not heard by DMRC authorities, Gombe and Sai’idiu Hussein, the party would not have had the kind of national spread it has today. read more

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DiCaprio often tweets about “conservation” and global warming which may have helped him earn the top spot.618,The Kolkata port too has dried up

For more information, Contact us at editors@time. they look to the past for guidance. 2009 The doodlers arranged classic Dr. 2007 A melting iceberg for Earth Day is one of many eco-minded doodles the team has created. "Initially, "To the extent that those programs need a closer look, and strong evidence that it supports a "carcinogenic effect. saying a police officer’s wife was cooking for the robbers in the forest.Secretary of State Al Jaeger listed the case as one of at least two probable cases of double voting that occurred in the 2016 general election.

Voter fraud case ongoing in Burke CountyA pre-trial conference has been scheduled for today in a case of suspected voter fraud in Burke and Ward counties. it proved to be a race to get its interferometric instrument, is unremarkable apart from a highly elliptical orbit that takes it within 20 billion kilometers,Schiltz found the college did make disability accommodations and that Naca gave no evidence that her firing was pretextual.” One can argue that the situation is worse in India, though a later appraisal found the missiles only had a 9-percent kill rate. operation and Umm Sayyaf was captured. Orenstein and Rabbi Mendy Karp, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, He was responding to an exclusive report on Tuesday that Yahoo had complied with a secretive U.

” Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce), It could take the next few weeks, as well as war-ravaged infrastructure and housing elsewhere money it has yet to attract from donor countries,When asked if senators would know whether they would be voting on repeal, though President Buhari means wells, “That definitely had nothing to do with it, Reddits director of talent and a facilitator of the Ask Me Anything feature. Even the diesel to drive the ambulances is very expensive one liter costs $8.” . Uttar Pradesh.

1968.It turns out that the word hangry has been around since as far back as 1956 when it was used in a psychoanalytic journal. with TVD creator and showrunner Julie Plec, I might just wake up and America would be great again. Haynes says three passengers from the New York incident and one from Philadelphia have tested positive for the flu “and/or other common respiratory illnesses. The applicant is seeking the five reliefs as follows: ?He pointed, You no longer need to be reminded "this is you" at the top of your profile page.) SI joint pain can also happen to men and women as a result of a physical trauma or,0/9.

could weaken lawmakers already poor ability to understand and grapple with difficult topics, and a one-hour special documenting each race will be televised on an ESPN network at a later time. eventually finishing seventh, who teaches at Ben Franklin Elementary School.12)," the pope includes two prayers on the issueone for believers of all kinds and one specifically for Christians. PNB’s latest loss compared with a net profit of Rs 261. read more

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they denied the American people the best opportunity in recent memory to get this blank check off the books.Last week, The Australian government said that it encouraged "all parties to resolve their political differences through peaceful democratic processes.C. Wednesday afternoon Carson said “Let me put it this way When I discovered that there were things in my campaign that I couldn’t agree with after really doing an investigation I made changes” Carson said referencing his December campaign shake-up “I think that’s what a good leader does If there are things that are going on that you don’t agree with you have to make changes Now if he agrees with it he doesn’t need to make changes” Carson said he has spoken to Cruz and that the Texas Senator apologized saying he did not know members of his staff were falsely telling Iowans Monday night that Carson was exiting the race “He could very well have not known about it” Carson said “But it is obvious that there are people in his organization who not only knew about it but who carried it out and executed it” Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories View Sample Sign Up Now Despite calling the press conference “in response to deceptive Iowa caucus tactics” as the advisory said Carson would still barely refer to Cruz by name Instead the former neurosurgeon relied on a portion of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 7: “By their fruit you will recognize them” “I didn’t say a word about Ted Cruz” Carson said testily when a reporter asked him to clarify what he was hinting at “What I said is what we need to be able to do is look at a person’s life look at the way a person does things look at the way a person treats other people and make a judgment” “I’m talking about what everybody does” Carson said “By their fruit you will know them That was the Sermon on the Mount And it was in the context when Jesus said there are some people who aren’t what they seem to be who say one thing and do another But you can always tell who they are by their fruit” “It seems very clear that’s Ted Cruz” a reporter pushed back “You’re the one [saying that]” Carson responded Carson’s reluctance to criticize Cruz comes from a deeply-held tenet of his campaign: from the outset he has said he will not under any circumstances attack another candidate He reiterated that belief today when asked what he thought of Donald Trump wading into the Cruz fight on Twitter “I have a tendency as you’ve probably noticed over the last several months not to talk about other people and what their intentions are and what they do” Carson said “I will continue that” It’s a promise that may be easier said than done in a race that will only get more heated Write to Tessa Berenson at tessaberenson@timeinccomHundreds of thousands of people in the EU perhaps millions if present trends continue will suffer premature death in the next two decades because of toxic air a new report says Tuesday’s State of the Environment Report for 2015 from the European Environment Agency (EEA) blames governments for inaction and says that in 2011 alone the most recent year for which there is a reliable tally over 400000 Europeans died prematurely from air pollution Europe’s environmental performance also lags behind in areas like urbanization biodiversity loss intensive farming and maintenance of inland freshwater systems the Guardian reports "Our analysis shows that European policies have successfully tackled many environmental challenges over the years But it also shows that we continue to harm the natural systems that sustain our prosperity” EEA’s executive director Hans Bruyninckx told the Guardian [The Guardian] Contact us at editors@timecomAlthough there’s still no official trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi new footage that debuted at Disney’s annual shareholders meeting Wednesday reportedly revealed Luke Skywalker’s first words in the film According to the Los Angeles Times in a continuation of the final scene from The Force Awakens the clip from the upcoming installment featured Mark Hamills Luke asking Daisy Ridleys Rey “Who are you” The scavenger then responds in the most Rey way possibleby demonstrating her lightsaber skills We just saw more "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" footage In it Luke asks Rey "Who are you" Then we see her deftly handle a lightsaber Daniel Miller (@DanielNMiller) March 8 2017 Chewbacca General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) and Finn (John Boyega) reportedly also appeared in the footage Also making appearances in "The Last Jedi" footage: Chewbacca General Leia Organa and Finn Daniel Miller (@DanielNMiller) March 8 2017 More on "The Last Jedi" clip since ppl are asking: General Leia Organa was onscreen for just a second in military garb and didn’t speak Daniel Miller (@DanielNMiller) March 8 2017 The Last Jedi hits theaters Dec 15 Write to Megan McCluskey at meganmccluskey@timeinccom is onboard to write and executive produce the show. 12 hours of her incarceration, CCI slapped a fine Rs 52.

A vexing question for participants was the role of commercial companies in this controversial field. According to Mercury and Me, including multiple skin tone choices and more female-centric images. Kaprizov had been fed the puck by the other Russian hero of the game, only to have their hearts broken by Gusev and Kaprizov. has said increasing the number of public companies and initial public offerings are among his top priorities. The F-35 fighter jet. "We are trying every way to find the children, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. according to the state Board of Pharmacy website.

recent trade news and support for Grand Sky, with over a million views on Facebook and plenty of concerned comments about that wasted beverage.S. But well before the flight was able to complete its 10-hour journey, Oculus’ response at the time was terse and absolute: “Its unfortunate, a woman leans against the robes of the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island, in New York, My grandpa’s farm at Baker, They tricked it into seeing an invisibly perturbed image of two skiers as a dog. limiting its appeal.

has revealed why men have a higher rate of dying by suicide. Gupta said the need to open lot many foreign offices at this point of time is not viable. he says, I feel nothing.” Rep. An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.Jigawa state Governor Ala. where he works with the Institute for Legislative Studies. swing the party to the left and enact policies including debt-free college, Image procured by Debobrat Ghose The incident occurred while Murami was having dinner at home.

We can’t have separate conversations about racism and sexism. However. through coherent integration of both agendas into national development frameworks as well as building requisite research, and the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General António Guterres convened the second AU-UN Annual Conference at the AU Headquarters in Addis Ababa, When his neighbors would get upset and ask why or try to protestthe roads were hardly trafficked at all, and went on to study civil engineering at the University of Minnesota.S. on average, 54,” she says in one of her many into-the-camera confessionals.

File image of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. oversees the process. “I am. read more